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Access more than 300 scholarships by completing one application for the 2024 – 2025 school year. Scholarships are available for both full-time/part-time, traditional/non-traditional, and certificate/degree seeking students. Scholarships are available to students who receive federal, state, or other scholarship funding too.

Fall 2024 scholarships winners will begin to be announced on May 1st. All fall 2024 scholarship awards will be announced by Sept. 1st. The scholarship application will remain open until Nov. 30th, 2024 for students who would like to be considered for spring 2025 scholarships. Spring 2024 scholarships have been announced, congratulations to all the new recipients!

Transfer Scholarships Also Available:

If you are graduating from 安全的赌博软件推荐 in May 2024, please complete the application on eSTORM to apply for our transfer scholarships too! 

Engineering – Missouri University of Science and Technology

Accounting – SIUE (senior standing, 90+ college credits) 

Math – Student who has completed four courses at Math 203 (or equivalent) or higher within five consecutive semesters at 安全的赌博软件推荐.  

Any Major – 安全的赌博软件推荐 graduate who is also a graduate of Belleville High School District #201 OR a Mascoutah resident.

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